Happy Ice Fun Vending Machine

First Ice Cream Vending Machine

Happy Ice designed its own vending machine - Ice Cream Fun-Vending machine that injects elements of fun into an otherwise boring vending process. We turn a traditional claw crane machine into a fully functional ice cream vending machine. The machine allows customers to buy the ice cream and play games at the same time. There are currently 20 over of this fun vending machines across the island.

  • If you have played a toy claw machine before, you definitely know how to operate our fun vending machine.
  • However you just have to pay once with our machine, and unlimited chances will be given to you to catch the ice cream. Play till you get one!
  • If you are in good luck, you might get 2 ice creams in one catch.
  • Once the ice cream is dispensed, the game/vending process ends.
Ice Cream Vending Machine Step 1
Ice Cream Vending Machine Step 2
Ice Cream Vending Machine Step 3


  • Infuse entertainment elements into a traditional vending machine
  • Maximum ice cream holding capacity of 250 pieces
  • Remote stock monitoring system
  • Power cut off alarm system
  • Low power consumption - Less than $30 per month
  • Accept coins or bills (Bill acceptor is optional)
Fun Vending Machine Use Case
Technical Specs

Interested in renting this machine for your company corporate event or

Package A : 2-Days rental package (Up to 48hrs)
100 pcs of ice cream
Free machine delivery (round trip)
Additional day's rental charges $50
Package B : 1-Week rental package (Up to 7 days)
200 pcs of ice cream
Free machine delivery (round trip)
Additional day's rental charges $50
Ala Carte Menu
Machine Rental Fees $100/day
Ice Cream (100pcs)* $150
Machine Delivery Fees (Round trip) $160
Extra Charges
Machine delivery on weekend
* There is no delivery fees for ice cream
Additional $50 per trip

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