Frozen Vending Machine

Direct Vending Machine Model-F

This is Happy Ice flagship Frozen Vending machine, designed specially to work with the most stringent vending products - ice cream. It can withstand outdoor troprical climate. In the event of power disruption to the machine, the ice cream can be kept inside the machine for up to 12 hours, which gives operation team ample time to respond to the incident. The machine dispensing racking can also be customized to fit various frozen products sizes to the machine. We can dispense frozen product as small as a Popsicle stick to as big as a bento box.

Machine’s specifications:

  • Live view & alarm system: Temperature, sales status, machine status
  • -25°c degree, ice cream grade frozen requirement
  • Auto-defrost technology, and equipped with long thermal holding power (upto 12hours after power cut-off, ice cream remains in good condition)
  • Smallest machine footprint 900 x 715 mm. Enable to put machine in most wanted and premium location
  • Built for outdoor use, Climate Class T: 43°c degree temperature
  • Electric saver: 200watt/hr. Most machines run at 700 to 1200 watt/hr
  • High capacity: Up to 600 ice cream sticks (depend of type and size of ice cream)
  • Bundle sales feature: encourage more purchase

Machine’s components (Outer view)

Outer view of the machine. User’s interface to purchase product from vending machine

Machine’s components (Inner side)

After opening the Outer door, is the location for machine’s controller components

Live view machine status

  • Cloud based live-view on machine status: inventory, sales, error, Coin & Bill equipment condition.
  • Fully integrated with NAYAX cashless terminal: Provide pre-defined SMS alarm notification.
  • Detail Sales report

Machine Operating Temperature (outdoor)

Climate Class: T (up to 43 °C)

Vending Machine's Temperature Graph

Frozen vending machine's performance can be seen from its temperature graph.

Thermal Holding Power

Ice cream temperature would be 2ºc to 5ºc lower than machine temperature.

In the event of loss of electric power, this 12 hours thermal holding power feature, can protect ice cream from melt. This can reduce losses and ensure highest ice cream quality and customer satisfaction.

Freezer System Electrical Schematics

Example of Frozen Vending Machines Menu

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