2022 New Flavours

Rose & Peach Ice Cream

A treat that will make your heart flutter with sweetness!

A peach flavored ice cream with organic rose swirls filled with tangy yellow peach bites!

Taste and smell the flowers and fruits in every bite of this ice cream.


Grass Jelly & Milk Ice Cream

Taiwan's classic summer dessert now available as an ice cream!

Experience the only coolness that can be brought about by a grass jelly dessert with this grass jelly flavoured milk bar that is also filled with smooth and tender pieces of grass jelly.

The coating of caramel further elevates this classic treat.


Affogato Ice Cream

A perfect presentation of the exquisite taste and delights brought by Italian's Affogato dessert!

A mix of Shaomei's classic vanilla ice cream with dark roasted coffee filled with coffee jelly bites throughout, creating a bitter yet sweet flavour in your mouth.


Lemon & Red Guava Ice Bar

This pink beauty is more than what it seems!

Made primarily from the cooling red guava juice and a twist of lemon juice and filled with chewy konjac pearls, this pink ice bar packs a punch in cooling you down in the hot weather without being overwhelming sweet!


Black Currant & Cookies Ice Cream

A sweet and sour treat!

A cookie ice cream with crushed cookies encased in a milk flavoured ice cream with black currant swirls creating a perfect blend of sweet and sour taste.