Full Fledged Ice cream Distributor

Ice Cream and Drinks Distributor

Happy Ice is the sole Singapore distributor for Taiwan's bestselling 小美 Shaomei Ice Cream and Vitalon Drinks.

小美 Shaomei Ice Cream can be found in the following retail outlet chains: 711, Ang Mo Supermarket, Cheers, Fairprice, Hao Mart, I-Tec Supermarket, Prime Supermarket and Sheng Siong Supermarket.

Vitalon Drinks can be found in Hao Mart & Prime Supermarket.

For online shoppers, 小美 Shaomei Ice Cream and Vitalon Drinks can also be found at Redmart, Qoo10 and Shopee.


Who We Are?

Frozen Vending Machine Manufacturer and Operator

Happy Ice is the first in Singapore to combine ice cream and the traditional claw crane machine into a fully functional ice cream vending machine that brings excitement to customers before enjoying their sweet treat.

Being an ice cream distributor, we are also fully equipped to provide a one-stop service from frozen vending machine manufacturing to machine placement to replenishment.

Our Strengths
  • Unique sales channel owner – 24/7 operated vending machines.
  • Able to provide a fun and innovative vending experience to user through our Fun-Vending Machine invention.
  • Strong R&D team in improving the technology in our vending machines.
  • Excellent Cold Chain Logistics team.
  • Dedicated and fast response Service and Maintenance team.
  • One-stop service provider for Frozen products storage and delivery, sales channel via Vending machines.