About HappyIce

HappyIce started in 2013 as an ice cream importer and distributor in Singapore with full cold chain logistics capability. Having great products and full-fledged cold chain is not good enough to compete in the market. We realized effective marketing to develop product branding and have substantial sales channels are 2 critical keys to stay ahead in the market. After thorough market research, example like Coca-Cola uses drink vending machine to increase it’s market presence and sales, Ice Cream Frozen Vending Machine seems the tools that we need, as we see vending machine can achieve the best marketing effect with minimal cost and at the same time as sales channel to generate sales revenue. Unfortunately, there was no ready ice cream frozen vending machine in the market that was cost effective and suitable to use in tropical country and outdoor condition. As the company’s founders are with engineering background, hence HappyIce decided to work on its own frozen vending machine.

The company spent about 12 months to R&D its own frozen vending machine with the most relevant and critical specifications, such as lower power consumption and long thermal holding power. Hence a full operational Ice Cream Frozen Vending Machine was born in 2017 with about half of the cost of the available machines in the market at that time.

After successfully rolling out about 100 frozen vending machines to the market, the company started to work with ice cream market leaders Unilever (the owner for Magnum, Ben & Jerry and Walls), to large scale launch ice cream vending machine to Singapore market. Today, with over 500 units frozen vending machines in Singapore, wide arrays of clientele using our frozen vending machines to market various type of frozen products, such as Unilever (MNC, ice cream), Kee Song (Singapore, frozen marinated chicken), Bulla (Australia, ice cream), Arun (India, ice cream) etc.

Our business model does not end at selling frozen vending machines to our clients, but focus on providing a complete vending machine solution, starting from vending machine customization, machine location finding, operations and maintenance. The company eyes to expand its successful Singapore business model to oversea market in years to come.


Mission & Vision

Mission: Provide affordable, SMART and energy-efficient frozen vending solutions for business partners, while delivering the greatest value to consumers through innovative business models and cost-effective solutions.

Vision: Be world's largest owner of sales channels on ice cream and frozen food, and make frozen vending machine as common and as easy to operate as drink vending machines


Full Fledged Ice Cream and Frozen Goods Distributor

Happy Ice is the sole Singapore distributor for Taiwan's bestselling 小美 Shaomei Ice Cream.

小美 Shaomei Ice Cream can be found in the following retail outlet chains: 711, Ang Mo Supermarket, Cheers, Fairprice, Hao Mart, I-Tec Supermarket, Prime Supermarket and Sheng Siong Supermarket.

For online shoppers, 小美 Shaomei Ice Cream can also be found at Redmart, Qoo10 and Shopee.


Our Strengths

  • Unique sales channel owner – 24/7 operated vending machines.
  • Able to provide a fun and innovative vending experience to user through our Fun-Vending Machine invention.
  • Strong R&D team in improving the technology in our vending machines.
  • Excellent Cold Chain Logistics team.
  • Dedicated and fast response Service and Maintenance team.
  • One-stop service provider for Frozen products storage and delivery, sales channel via Vending machines.

Our Factory

  • Factory (Singapore): R&D and assemble electronic and IoT components, and final testing.
  • Factory (Malaysia): to assemble most majors metal parts.

Frozen Food Vending Machines Gaining Popularity During the Pandemic

【8world News, August 22, 2021】During the pandemic, many fresh food industry players have recognized the sales potential of vending machines and started selling salmon and squid through these machines. Some businesses have improved product freshness through technology and digitized their operations to boost sales.


Designs and Builds and Ice Cream Vending-Cum-Arcade Game Machine


Singapore's Happy Ice has introduced vending machines that operate like arcade claw machines. With over 40 installations across the country, customers can pay $2.50 to $3 to try their luck at picking up an ice cream treat using a mechanical claw. Each play guarantees at least one item, and occasionally, customers can even win two ice creams at once. Daniel Ma, the director of Happy Ice, shared that the machines were designed and built in Singapore, allowing the company to reduce costs compared to buying ready-made vending machines. The machines, costing approximately $5,000 each, can be recouped within a year. Happy Ice plans to expand internationally, starting with Malaysia, and aims to introduce cashless payment options. The company holds a patent for their unique vending machine concept, offering customers convenience, enjoyment, and a healthier choice.



Happy Ice being awarded the "Singapore SME 500 Award" in 2014. This award recognizes Singapore's leading Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have demonstrated effective development, management, and business excellence. Happy Ice's receipt of this award highlights their commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and success. As a trailblazer in their industry, Happy Ice serves as an inspiration to other SMEs striving for excellence in Singapore.


Happy Ice's Journey with Ice Cream Fun Vending Machines

Mr. Ma, an engineer, left his job to start a partnership-based ice cream business called Happy Ice. They imported ice cream from Taiwan and Malaysia, which were certified as healthier-choice products by the Health Promotion Board. Happy Ice also served as a distributor for Shaomei Taiwan ice cream. As the business grew, Mr. Ma expanded into ice cream claw machines. Happy Ice then introduced their own Ice Cream Fun vending machines, designed and manufactured in Singapore.