Frozen Vending Machine & Fun Vending Machine

There are more than 500 Ice cream vending machines deployed across Singapore. Please contact us if you would like to have this lovely and wonderful machine placed at your location.

1st ever Ice Cream Claw Machine! If you have played a toy claw machine before, you definitely know how to operate our fun vending machine!


Frozen Vending Machine Manufacturer and Operator

Since 2015, Happy Ice started to involve in design-build-operate frozen vending machine. With the in-house R&D engineering capability, we have several machine model that fit for all sort of frozen food, from the most stringent requirement - ice cream, to all sort of frozen meat/seafood/food.

Being a full fledged frozen food vending machine operator, we have full cool chain facility, from cold room, cold truck to sales staffs, to provide one-stop service from frozen vending machine manufacturing to machine placement and replenishment.


Technology Transfer License

Producing SMART freezer vending machines requires high R&D investment cost and high technology skill sets.

Happy Ice has designed a technology transfer license to licence out its technology worldwide.

With an established assembly instructions and guidance from our on-site specialist, assembling the frozen vending machines could be as easy as IKEA style.

Through this licence, we make possible for clients to acquire know-how knowledge in assembling the vending machines. Customer will be able to achieve higher profit and larger scale of market penetration in their country.

SMART Frozen Vending Machine, will enable Frozen Food Manufacturers to expand their B2C sales channels; allow retailers and vending machine operators to increase their product line-up to the end consumers.