Build your Official Store with automate capability

We enable brand owner to have direct reach to consumers via it’s online Official Store to perform Quick-Commerce so that customer can receive goods within 15mins. Each machine can cover at least 2.5km radius, effectively reach-out to more consumers



  1. Have own Official Store (not in other’s store): exclusive for your products
  2. Bypassing retailer: save listing fees and product margin
  3. Full controlship: determine price, promotion, sku and expansion plan
  4. Automate & 24/7: no need frontline staffs & never miss a sales
  5. Cost effective: fraction cost of a staff
  6. Reach-out to more consumers: 1 machine can cover minimum 2.5km radius (20km²)
  7. Enjoy Grab’s preferential rate: higher margin even without mark-up selling price
  8. Physical sales point: consumers can also direct purchase from machine


Don't just stay in offline sales.

Our machines work seamlessly with GRAB apps (covering most South-East-Asia countries). Automate operation, from inventory control, to accepting order and then dispense goods

We are the first in-kind, to enable ice cream business with Online-to-Offline capabilities, unlocking a growth rate of 30%-50%.

Provide convenient to customers to browse and place order online, and enjoy the flexibility of self-collection or opt for convenient rider delivery to receive the ice cream within 15 minutes.


Frozen food is undeniably the future, preserve food's nutrition and extended shelf life. However, challenges like limited access, high costs, and exclusion from online ordering have hindered its widespread adoption.

Our revolutionary technology is poised to transform how frozen treats reach consumers. Here's how we plan to make this vision a reality.


Operating ice cream vending machine can be challenging due to the delicate nature of ice cream: melt after 15 minutes out from freezer!

Our proprietary technology and robust remote monitoring system enable operators to effectively operate the vending machine with minimum effort and cost.

1 staff (with a van, no need cold truck), can easily cover 50-80 machines within a city.


Are you looking for new and innovative ways to market your products?

The untapped blue sea market is much broader than you think!

Effective sales & marketing channel; scalable & cost effective