Ice Cream

Shaomei Ice Cream Bars

A well known trend-setting ice cream brand in Taiwan established since 1945.

This brand is widely loved by consumers and has won the trust of the public with its professional ice cream making technology.

The wonderful taste of Shaomei Ice Cream can be integrated into various food and beverages and it has become the best companion to accompany gourmet dishes.

Dasheng Roll Ice Cream

One of Shaomei's evergreen product and Taiwan's first roll ice cream with luscious chocolate sauce.

An all time favorite among all ages.

Mr Bean Ice Cream Cup

SOY Good That You Cant Resist!

Vegans and lactose-intolerant consumers can now satisfy your sweet tooth with Mr Bean x Udders’ new soy ice cream. Dairy-free, egg-free and made using non-genetically modified soy beans, they are available in Original Soy, Oreo Cookies and Salted Gula Melaka flavours.

A healthier choice and halal product that is suitable for selling in schools as well.