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Every Morning Healthy Series

Developed in 2005, Every Morning Healthy Green Tea with its unique formulation of Inulin and Catechins in their sugar-free green tea is Taiwan's first tea beverage to be certified with three national health food certificates: Reduce body fat, Maintain bowel health & Regulate blood lipid function.

Recent development of healthy beverages has resulted in two new flavours: Every Morning Healthy Dual Fiber Tea and Every Morning Healthy Black Tea.

Royalty Series

To celebrate their 20th anniversary and to satisfy consumer tastes, Imperial Tea Garden has launched "The King of Tea" and "The Queen of Tea" to create the top taste of freshly brewed Taiwanese tea made with kung fu tea extraction method. Lin Chiling and AKIRA has also been invited for the first time as a team to be the brand's annual spokesperson to invite everyone to taste Taiwan's good tea!

Superior Series

Special stringent selection of ingredients with premium quality to create a superior taste. This series is also sweetened with Wasanbon Sugar that is specially imported from Japan.

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