Happy Ice Fun Vending Machine

Happy Ice designed its own vending machine - Ice Cream Fun-Vending machine that injects elements of fun into an otherwise boring vending process. We turn a traditional claw crane machine into a fully functional ice cream vending machine. The machine allows customers to buy the ice cream and play games at the same time.

Machine Features

Infuse Entertainment Elements Into A Traditional Vending Machine

Maximum Ice Cream Holding Capacity Of 250 Pieces

Remote Stock Monitoring System

Power Cut Off Alarm System

Low Power Consumption - Less Than $30 Per Month

Accept Coins Or Bills (Bill Acceptor Is Optional)

Technical Specification

  • Weight: 240Kg
  • Loading: 2.43kN/m2
  • Input voltage: 230-240Ac
  • Rated current: 1.3A
  • Power: 190W
  • Vending interface: MDB
  • Connectivity: 3G

Company Event or Private Party?

Hype up the party by renting our fun vending machine instead of the usual toy claw machine!
If you are in good luck, you might also be able to get 2 items in one catch.

The game mode can be set according to your requirements, be it limited or unlimited chances to catch the ice cream to end the vending process.



Want to inject some fun into your marketing or sampling activities? Get our Fun Vending Machine now! Customers can either play the machine after completing a required activity from your side or allow them to just play the machine to get a sample.


Placement in Mall

Want to attract more customers to your mall?

Customers can either play the Fun Vending Machine or simply choose the ice cream of their choice with this combi machine.


Customise Machine

Looking to reward your customers or shout out your brand?

Rent our fun vending machine and customize the design today!

Free ice cream always leaves people with a good impression!