Frozen Vending Machine

Size (W x D x H cm): 72 x 90 x 198
Weight: 280 kg
Max SKU: Up to 19 SKUs
Max Capacity (pcs): 600
Rated Power: 200 watt
Thermal Holding Power: 12 hours
Operating Temperature: -25ºC
Remote Monitoring: Yes
Support Payment: Cash & Cashless
Screen: W45 x H34 cm LED Light Box, 10” Touch Screen (QR payment, Online Redemption, Marketing Video)


​Frozen Fun Vending Machine

Size (W x D x H cm): 120 x 82 x 190
Weight: 240 kg
Max SKU: Multiple SKUs
Max Capacity (pcs): 250
Rated Power: 250 Watt
Thermal Holding Power: 2 hours
Operating Temperature: -18ºC
Support Payment: Cash & Cashless


Why Choose Us

  • Small in Size but Large in Capacity
  • Cold Chain Logistics Team
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Remote Stock Monitoring System
  • Fast & Dedicated Technical Maintenance & Support Team
Where Is The Best Place To Put Our Vending Machine

Touristic Spots

Building Carpark

Neighborhood Shop

Shopping Mall

Country Club



Office Area