Frozen Vending Machines
Tap into unserved market segments using Happy Ice's vending machines that are customized for your frozen products.
Introduction to Our Frozen Vending Machine

What are the available types of frozen vending machine?

To serve different needs, Happy Ice has created two types of frozen vending machine: Fun-Vending Machine and Direct Vending Machine.

All items dispensed through our machines are guaranteed to be frozen.

Difference between Fun-Vending and Direct Vending Machines:

The Fun-Vending Machine (probably the first in the world created by us and pending patent) is unique in the market. This is a vending machine that allows the customer to control the claw electronically to try to catch the item that they want. It turns a boring vending process into a fun and engaging experience.

The Direct Vending machine is a vending machine that allows the customer to choose what they want and get the product immediately.

Target audience for the Fun-Vending machines:

Family with young children, teenagers and youngsters, and any adventurous adults.

Target audience for the Direct Vending machines:

Anyone who knows what they want and to get it swiftly with close to zero human contact.

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